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Allegro 788 GSM Webserver

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Surface control with 8 relays, 8 probes, 3 litre counters and remote/dynamic connection via WEB (including 3 1.5 metre probes Pt1000)

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Surface control with dynamic connection via WEB for solar thermal energy, it is ideal for maintainers since it avoids displacements of the technical service, contributing to its installation value and professionalism, it also provides speed in the identification and location of incidents thanks to the inspection of the installation from any browser, without having to install specific applications or programs, this equipment incorporates a web server, so it does not depend on any platform of the market, such as windows, macintosh,…).
It generates a greater service, since it provides the necessary data to demonstrate its operation and energy savings achieved and with a specific health maintenance function for legionella. It also offers several forms of management:

  • Consultation of the state of the installation in real time via GPRS, from the web browser of your PC or SmarthPhone, you can see each of the data in real time, temperatures, flows, functions, configured parameters, devices that are in operation…, e.t.c.
  • Activation and consultation of specific functions by means of SMS (ambient thermostats, independent thermostats, air heaters…)
  • Total configuration of the installation from the control itself.

In addition, the control incorporates 4 different types of alarms that guarantee the correct operation of the installation, detection of water leaks, loss of pressure, breakdown or error of the probe, excess temperature, cut-off of the electricity supply…, e.t.c.


  • Two-way communication from your Smartphone, easily set up thermostat and fancier functions by SMS
  • Large graphic LCD display and blue backlit text visible even in low light technical rooms
  • Consultation of statistics and states of each component via SMS
  • Receiving alarms by SMS
  • Remote and dynamic connection via WEB, it is the most economical way of connecting to the network and remains open for 40 minutes. No static connection required (no fixed IP required)
  • Displays the remaining connection time
  • Possibility of remote interaction on 2 thermostats, on 2 sensors, on 2 air heaters for heat dissipation…
  • You also have the instruction manual incorporated in the WEB, so that you always have all the documentation at your disposal when you need it and wherever you are
  • OpenSonder software, you choose the hydraulic scheme and assign the probes with the relays freely, as opposed to central European models that force each probe and relay to a single use
  • In its configuration it has 20 main hydraulic diagrams that help you to configure your type of installation and the functions (such as 2 free thermostats, 2 remote sensors, cleaning cycle function to eliminate legionella bacteria, 2 air heaters for dissipation of excess heat, alternating pumps), which optimize the correct operation

Technical Characteristics

  • Inputs
    • 8 PT1000 temperature sensors
    • supported range -50 to +200ºC
    • 3 impulse counters (counts litres for energy calculation)
    • Optional external battery
    • Power supply 12V continuous with charger included
    • 1 power input 230 Vac
    • Power supply for control operation
  • Outputs
    • 8 potential-free 5A SPST relays, switch operation
    • Alarm for temperature or error in the probes, sends alarm SMS for each probe
    • Water Leakage Alarm
    • Monitors water flow from the meter for leaks
    • Contact closure alarm
    • Pressure switch for plates,
    • Power failure alarm
    • With the external battery connected, it sends you an SMS


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