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Shipping & Returns

The prices listed on our website include standard packaging performed in our warehouses located in Rubí (ex-works).

During the purchase process, the cost of postage is charged based on the geographic destination or origin of the purchaser in order to facilitate the purchase order and delivery.

Minimum order 10 € material.

Spain (peninsular)€ 8.00 + VAT
Germany€ 35.00 + VAT
Belgium€ 35.00 + VAT
Denmark€ 35.00 + VAT
France€ 35.00 + VAT
Greece€ 35.00 + VAT
Italy€ 35.00 + VAT
Ireland€ 35.00 + VAT
Netherlands (The Netherlands)€ 35.00 + VAT
Portugal€ 25.00 + VAT
United Kingdom€ 35.00 + VAT

Other areas, you must contact Factory at

No returns will be accepted without our prior written permission. Permissions will be assigned a reference to include in the delivery note and shipping labels.

Returns will always be made postage or carriage paid.

In the event of the return of a shipping error, or reasons attributable to Sonder, unpaid postage or carriage will be accepted from an agency that we will designate prior written agreement.

Returns must include the delivery note with the purchase reference (no. of delivery note or invoice and date).

No refunds will be made on products that are not in perfect selling conditions, are not in their original packaging, do not have their manuals or have been marked in any way.

If a device develops a malfunction or incident, Sonder will determine the causes and responsibility of the failure, whether the incident is a change under guarantee or a repair service. Sonder opens an incident number and produces a report of causes and performed actions that are sent together with the device.

No new material will be advanced without billing until the device alleged incorrect has been received, analysed and a report has been produced.

If irreparable, it will be returned to the customer postage due.

If causes are attributable to Sonder, changes will be made under guarantee and postage paid by Sonder.

Should the device require repair, an estimate would be sent and the device would be repaired after acceptance of the estimate.
It would be returned postage due, under the same conditions it was received. Batteries, instructions, packaging, labels, etc. would not be included. Delivery costs and extras may be included if indicated and covered in the aforementioned estimate.

For companies and self-employed

The deadline for admission is 15 calendar days after receipt of the items.
All returned items would depreciate a 10% (with a minimum of €12.00) of the net value that appears on the invoice in concept of inspection costs and conditioning for their sale.

For private individuals

The deadline for admission is 30 calendar days after receipt of the items.
The returned items would not be subject to any depreciation of the net value for their sale

Download procedure sheet

Online payments are made via PayPal and under their conditions    

Secure Payment

Payment must be made via PayPal, with all the advantages and security that they offer

Prices are displayed on the Online Store of Sonder Regulación, S.A. (hereinafter Sonder) with and without IVA (VAT) or the corresponding tax of the Islands and Autonomous Cities.

Items listed in the invoice will be subject to the current official value at the time of purchase.

The prices listed on our website include standard packaging performed in our warehouses located in Rubí (ex-works). Therefore, during the purchase process, the cost of postage is charged based on the geographic destination or origin of the purchaser in order to facilitate the purchase order and delivery.

Our prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Orders will be despatched by a third party transport service that we contract. For all orders to Peninsula, the delivery should take 48h to 72h from the day after the reception of the order.

The tracking of your order is available through the third party transport service.

Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

In the event of a stock shortage, we will contact the client as soon as possible.

The deadlines are given as a guideline. A delay cannot justify a cancellation of an order or any type of penalty.

In the event of any discrepancy, both parties subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Rubí, with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction, even for items paid in another geographic area that are not subject to executive proceeding.

Our devices are designed to control temperature. They are not safety limiters, unless specifically designed for this purpose.
Any installation under current legislation must have a temperature regulating unit and a safety temperature limiter apart from the mandatory safety switchgear.
Sonder, therefore, will not be held responsible for installations without a safety temperature limiter.

The technical advice for the selection of products is a service offered by Sonder to its clients, with a special price and only if requested.
In no case would this service constitute a guarantee on our part, nor involve our responsibility as it depends on the information and data provided by our customers.
For this service, we have enabled the following SAT telephone 807 117 001.

All our devices are marked at the factory.
The guarantee for Sonder manufactured products is 3 years. It is limited to the replacement of faulty parts (installation and transport excluded). We disclaim all responsibility for deteriorated equipment resulting from mishandling or improper installation.
Products are sold under the warranty and responsibility of the manufacturer, without the responsibility of Sonder single vendor, be affected by any cause.

If you need a repair or have an issue with your product, follow the procedure.

Download procedure Incidents

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