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Manufacturing thermostats & controls
since 1966!

— the compagny

fachada fábrica sonder

Sonder Regulación, S.A. began its activity under the name of Sopac Española, S.A. in 1.966 as component of the multinational group Sopac Regulation, S.A. (France), begin guided mainly in the production and commercialization of thermostats and pressure switch for heating applications, commercial cold and air conditioning.

  • In 1.987 i t becomes independent of the multinational and Sonder Regulación, S.A. becomes the society, with completely Spanish capital.

  • In 1.996 it moves to their new factory. Starting from that moment the production is guided towards the industrial sector and the export, where it already had experience.

— I+D,We investigate, develop and design

This is our best asset.Our team consists of a group of engineers, each a specialist and expert in their field, whether electronics, mechanics or production. Supplied with the latest equipment, to provide solutions to our clients’ specific technological requirements.

We investigate the concept with various technologies and data collection, to select the most reliable and competitive.

We develop the prototypes that demonstrate good operation.

We design the product in its industrialized version of massive production.

Departamento de investigación

— We are different, because we are manufacturer

We have 3 production lines: mechanical, electronic and software, the first 2 with high production capacity and automation levels to match the production volume. We also have ISO 9001 and RoHS production certificates.

The software production line oversees the creation of APIs for the Cloud data uploads/downloads, orders and alarms services. It also carries out everything related to Apps for own language devices and information extracted from processing the collected data, e.g.: basic larm messages, full alarm operations or actions on field elements such as valves, engines, etc.

— Product: Domestic Environment, Industrial and OEM & EMS

Our product range satisfies a wide variety of different markets such as:           

  • The house air conditioning & domotic.
  • The industrial applications for the hostelry, agriculture, cattle raising,etc.
  • The renewable energy.
  • The specific products for oem & ems.
linea de producción

— Custom OEM Concepts & EMS Concepts

circuito electrónico
  • As a manufacturer, we can provide our customers with both finished products and OEM products.

  • With OEM products special is the global specialist in manufacturing temperature sensors for mechanical thermostats. They are manufactured in stainless steel and work through the expansion of (environmental) gas, making them an excellent response to temperature changes.

  • Our mechanical room thermostat can be customized according to needs of each customer.
  • The design of the plastics, serigraphy and functionality are designed to be flexible according to the requirements of our customers.

  • They can be delivered to the customer as semi-finished products, so that he assembles in his assembly line.

  • We can personalize the products with your marks, labels and instructions and provide you with a brand-completely customized product.

  • Our engineers in R & D department am at your disposal to develop the software or hardware that suits your needs best.

  • As a manufacturer, we are able to customize our range of totally flexible to the most demanding markets.
Termostato para radiador

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