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Allegro PWM Convertidor

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Universal converter from all/non input signal to PWM or 0-10V modulated output


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It is a universal converter from all/non input signal to PWM or 0-10V modulated output. This device offers the possibility to connect high efficiency ErP pumps with PWM or 0-10V input to controllers with relay or triac output. So you can continue using your equipment prior to the current regulations.

The objective of this converter is to solve all possible needs between relay or triac to PWM or 0-10V

It is compatible with the Sonder control units already supplied. When replacing a pump in an existing installation, it is not necessary to replace the control unit. You simply need to insert the Allegro PWM Converter in the installation.


  • Existing installations where the pump is replaced by a High Efficiency one
  • Possibility of transforming the potential-free relay device into a PWM or 0-10V output
  • Ease of adaptation of new and existing facilities

Technical Characteristics

  • IP65 Box
  • Plug-in strips
  • Protection fuse 200mA
  • PWM or 0-10V output. It is possible to reverse the signal
  • Dimensions 95x95x55 mm
  • Power supply confirmation LED


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