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Siesta 105 WiFi RF

255,92 230,32 IVA incluido

Digital thermostat for heating/cooling, programmable, mounted on wall, communication by radio, relay. Large ultralow consumption electronic ink display, local programming by wifi through the App.

Commercial Sheet

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Digital thermostat for heating/cooling, programmable, mounted on wall, communication by radio, relay. Large ultra-low consumption electronic ink display, programming by wifi.

Technical Characteristics

  • Measures Emitter – Receiver:  105 x 105 x 40 mm
  • 230Vac power
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensor (indicates, does not feel according to humidity)
  • Regulation range 5° to 35°C, reading range from 0° to 50°C
  • Radio transmission frequency: 868,3 MHz
  • Distance between thermostat and receiver: 100 m
  • Compatible with: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/r (2,4GHz)
  • Wi-Fi security support: Open/WEP/WFA/WPA2-personal (TKIP y AES)
  • From the thermostat itself you can select room temperature, stop or start
  • At stop switch to antifreeze setpoint, it is selectable
  • Through free app, compatible iOS and Android, installed on smartphone, it is possible to configure:
    • schedules comfort setpoint, economy setpoint, off, frost protection
    • calibration between displayed and sensed temperature
    • maximum temperature setpoint and minimum temperature setpoint
    • keyboard lock for undetected manipulations
    • Adjustable differential (0.1 to 3°K)
    • Statistics
    • Stop (goes to defrost protection) / on
    • geolocation, you can choose another set point or off
  • Outputs: 1 switch relay (SPST, 5Amp resistive, potential free contacts)
  • Local communication via wifi for programming or consultation from smartphone
  • Electronic ink display:
    • Indication boiler status (on / off)
    • Temperature in °C (Celsius)
    • Error messages and failures, to help Technical Assistance Services
  • It keeps the programming in memory, because it is in the app.
  • Fixing plate receiver on the wall over box diameter 60mm, it is optional code 3.970 (Placa TA)
  • Equipped with a reset button

replacement of mechanical thermostat

Weight 157 g
Dimensions 105 × 40 × 105 mm


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