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Ventil 1D Crono 3P

230Vac digital chrono-thermostat for 3-speed fancoil, with input card holder contact, window contact, 2 tubes at 3 points or all/nothing and 4 tubes all/nothing. Possibility of remote sensor and winter-summer changeover by master wire.

Commercial Sheet

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Digital chrono-thermostat at 230Vac for 3-speed fancoil, with input card holder contact and window contact. In 2-pipe installations it can work at 3 points or with all/nothing action. For 4-pipe installations, its action is all/nothing

With larger rear opening, i.e. more space for better wiring

You have the possibility of an optional remote probe. Switching from winter mode to summer mode by master wire.

Technical Characteristics

  • Power supply according to model 90Vac…250Vac 50/60Hz
  • 4 digital buttons. No mechanical switches
  • Temperature in °C (Celsius) or °F (Fahrenheit)
  • Fan speed adjustment by switch (1, 2, 3 or automatic)
  • Neutral Zone adjustable in 2K or 4K
  • Indication for operation in heating or cooling mode
  • Thanks to the different relays, even if the thermostat is supplied at 90Vac…250Vac 50/60Hz, the fan can be of another voltage, both alternating and direct, the same applies to the valve
  • Internal temperature sensor with scale from 0 to 50°C
  • Heating and cooling differential of 0.5°K
  • Display 26 x 12.5mm
  • Regulation scale per user 5ºC to 30ºC ( 41ºF to 86ºF)
  • 5A relays
  • Measures 125 x 77 x 35mm ( 4.92 x 3.03 x 1.41 inch )


  • Digital control of fan speeds and Stop/Start
  • In off mode the display indicates OFF. In operation, it shows the temperature (running) and speed
  • Regulates room temperature locally or remotely
  • Suitable for heating and/or cooling installations
  • Centralised control of the changeover Remote heating / cooling per constructed floor (or zone) via additional input for an external switch
  • Manages installations with 1 or 2 valves without the need for programming, by means of microswitches, (2 or 4 tubes respectively)
  • Automatic adjustment of the fan speed, according to how far the setpoint is from the detected temperature, the fan will be set to maximum speed, and will be reduced as it approaches the setpoint
  • Indication for operation in heating or cooling mode
  • Possibility to manually force ventilation, (switches off the ventilation linked to the thermostat)
  • In Automatic position the fan works in thermostatic mode (linked to the thermostat)
  • The remote probe, overrides the interior of the thermostat
  • In case of using the remote cool/heat changeover, it cancels the possibility for the user to put the device into cool/heat respectively, the remote contact commands the selected on the device. It is ideal for large installations such as hotels, since it is not necessary to make the changeover one by one.
  • Card control: when you close the card contact (= empty room), the system switches to economy setting according to the position of the internal microswitch (in off heating = 18°C and cooling = 28°C, in on heating = 20°C and cooling = 26°C)
  • Window control: when you close the window contact (i.e. the window is open) the system stops (therefore it goes to OFF, anti-frost setting)

External input for remote summer/winter changeover (diagrams 2, 3 and 4, terminal 1).


Remote temperature sensor Sonamb 201 PTC2000 (76 x 76 x 30mm) and the TA trim plate to be fixed on a Ø60mm (85 x 85mm) box and 3m double insulation PTC2000 D.A. probe, sensor measures 26mm x Ø 7mm.


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