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— Siesta-CRX RD Radiante, Exterior & Remoto

Siesta-CRX RD

Chrono-thermostats with output for one radiant sensor (underfloor heating control), outside sensor (heating with Fuzzy Logic calculation based on outside temperature) and remote sensor (Ideal for use in public spaces, allows remote reading of the room to control the temperature without manipulation of the control by unauthorized personnel.

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— Siesta-CRX, CRXE & RF, New Programming, New Display, New Heart

Cronotermostatos digitales y vía radio

Daily and weekly chrono-thermostat for Heating and/or Cooling , equipped with the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor, a breakthrough in

32-bit technology and architecture, this allows block programming. Also radio version, without cables.

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— Siesta-TA, Siesta-TA ECO & RF (radio)

Termostato Digital Siesta

Sonder extends the range of battery-powered digital thermostats with the ECO version that regulates only in heating mode. Also radio version, without cables.

No need to program them, they are installed and ready to regulate!!

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— KP Series, Bulb-capillary thermostat IP65

Termostato serie KP

The KP series of controls are robust industrial thermostats with IP65 capillary bulb and change-over contact, which can be used for both heating and cooling.

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— Telkan 1, Telkan 2 & Telkan 4 GSM

Gama controles vía GSM

The Telkan GSM series has been extended with new models capable of providing a contact alarm, a temperature alarm or even a liquid level alarm, etc., all without losing their user-friendliness.

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— Allegros Serie 6, 7 and 9, wide range of controls

Gama controles allegro

Sonder offers you a wide range of control units for solar thermal energy:

  • Surface mounted, Rail-DIN or plug-in models.
  • Models equipped with the basic resources of a simple installation or with those necessary to cover all functions.
  •  Models with web connection.
  • Models with 0-10V output… 

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— Sondertel GSM

It allows you to activate and deactivate from anywhere in the world and with the easiest installation, any device: a wall boiler, electric radiators, greenhouses, … even air conditioning.
It is also equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to manage a temperature alarm and reports the temperature.

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— Telkan 1 GSM & Telkan 1 NIVEL (level)

Telkan 1

The Telkan 1 family has been extended with new models capable of providing a contact alarm, a temperature alarm or even a liquid level alarm, etc., all without losing their ease of use. 

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— Allegro 576, Multi-housing control

Allegro 576

Control for solar thermal energy specific for vertical or multi-housing buildings, which acts on the three-way motorized valves that open the downstream water flow of the collection system.
With ONE SINGLE PROBE in the downstream system, it is possible to control the accumulators of up to 6 houses. It also counts the energy kWh of the whole installation.

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Termostato ALTA temperatura

High precision and easy to use electronic control designed for high temperature applications such as ovens, chambers, baths.

It has 3 probes + 3 relays. A different relay can be assigned to each probe and work as 3 independent thermostat functions, or several relays to a single probe creating a neutral zone.

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Termostatos braille

Mechanical thermostats with no energy consumption and temperature readings in Braille system.
They do not need maintenance, batteries or additional accessories.

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