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Zona 9

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Rail-mounted control for 9 underfloor heating zones

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Control in rail format for 9 zones of radiant floor, with installation by wiring and protection fuse. It automatically detects the start order from any thermostat and when all are at their comfort level it stops the boiler pump for greater silence and savings.

Output relay: The unit has 2 potential-free output relays to carry out the “pump” start and stop manoeuvre on two different voltages. For example, the recirculating pump can be supplied at 230Vac, while the other relay activates a wall mounted boiler (24V).

Thermostat inputs: It can have 4, 8 or 9 thermal zones, it is compatible with both mechanical and battery powered thermostats or powered at 230Vac. For 24V version consult factory.

Outputs to Thermal Heads: Each thermal zone controlled by a thermostat can activate up to 2 thermal heads at the same time.

Technical Characteristics

  • Rail-DIN box 9 modules
  • Without programming, it activates the recirculation pump only when one of the valves needs it.
  • Possibility of direct supply to valves and thermostats or by means of an external clock to create a time zone A from a different time zone B
  • Max. pump supply: 12A
  • Protection fuse


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