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Ventil 1D 2CC

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Digital Thermostat Ideal Hotels with 2 contact closure inputs for air conditioning control both by opening windows and doors

Commercial Sheet

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Ideal Hotels Digital Thermostat with 2 contact closure inputs for climate control both by opening windows and doors (window contact and card holder contact).

It is a control for hotels, equipped with the powerful ARM Cortex-M0 processor, an advance in technology and 32-bit architecture.

Thanks to its advanced technology, it generates high efficiency and achieves low energy consumption of the installation, with maximum comfort level.

Installing a 1D 2CC Fan achieves optimized management of the processes of activation / deactivation of the air conditioner that provide a considerable greater savings, up to 30% savings compared to other thermostats on the market.

Technical Characteristics

  • Digital control for 2-pipe valve, heating/cooling and/or fan and general Stop/Start.
  • Power supply according to model 90Vac…250Vac 50/60Hz (code 10.271)
  • The display in the stop position indicates OFF. In operation, it indicates the temperature
  • 2 digital buttons. No mechanical switches
  • Temperature in °C (Celsius) or °F (Farenheit)
  • Switching on and running
  • Regulates the local ambient temperature
  • Suitable for heating or cooling installations
  • Window contact, in case of opening it interrupts the air conditioning and goes to stop.
  • Cardholder contact in case of opening, switches to factory preset setpoint at 17°C (other values on request)
  • Indication for operation in heating or cooling mode
  • Internal temperature sensor with scale from 0 to 50°C
  • Heating and cooling differential of 0.5°K
  • Standard: External input for remote summer/winter changeover of relay diagrams
  • Display 26 x 12.5mm
  • User adjustable range 5°C to 30°C ( 41°F to 86°F)
  • 5A relay, potential-free
  • Measures 125 x 77 x 35mm ( 4,92 x 3,03 x 1,41 inch )


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