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Telkan 2 GSM 3G

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It is a GSM3G control with 2 output channels (or relays). Inputs: 2 alarms for contact closure, 2 temperature probes, 1 active probe type 4a20mA (probes not included) and an auxiliary input for 1 external battery. Operates at 230V~ or 12Vdc.

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TELKAN 2 GSM 3G is a GSM control for 3G network that allows you to activate and deactivate from anywhere in the world up to two different devices: a wall boiler, electric radiators, greenhouses, …even air conditioning.

It is also equipped with two temperature probes that allow you to manage two alarms per temperature and inform you of the chosen temperatures. These alarms can be linked to the operation of any of the relays, for example to activate the boiler by enabling the anti-freeze protection.

It also has two alarms for contact closure and an input for a 4a20mA transducer.
In addition, if you connect an external auxiliary battery to the TELKAN, you will have a power failure alarm, which will warn you when you leave and when the power returns to your installation.

Technical Characteristics

  • Measures: 70 x 90 x 58mm
  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • Remote control of a device by SMS and contact closure alarm
  • Bidirectional, Reports power status, operation, coverage, channel status, temperature and average of the last 4 hours
  • Configurable programming in various languages
  • 2 Output channels with 5A 250V~ SPST relay
  • Two Inputs for PTC2000 temperature probes, 1 Transducer 4a20mA, and input for an external battery
  • 2 alarms for contact closure
  • Front button allows to change the channel status without sending an SMS
  • In the event of a power failure, the control unit sends a warning SMS
  • Reports power, operation, coverage and channel status
  • Standard SIM holder and antenna with magnetic base included (SIM card not included)
  • Possibility of timed connection from 1 minute to 45 days
  • With the possibility of confirming or not the executed order (balance saving)
  • Alive function, timer test to know that everything is working correctly
  • Redirects the phone company’s SMS to the last user
  • Programming password


ref. 4.914 Box 4 Modules IP 65
ref. 4.343 PTC2000 silicone cable 3m, range -40 a +140°C, supported 200°C
ref. 7.190 External Battery 12V sealed lead 7,2Ah
ref. 7.279 Sonext 101 PTC2000 External Temperature sensor IP65; Range: -50…90°C
ref. 5.266 Sonamb 201 PTC2000 Environment sensor without setting IP30; Range: -50…+90°C
ref. 3.970 Placa TA, trim that is compatible with flush-mount boxes Ø60mm
ref.:  5.081 SH01 4a20mA Transduce, Humidity probe with 3m silicone cable
ref.:  5.685 Sonda Pasillo 4a20mA HR, IP20 range 20% to 98%H.R.


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