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Telkan 1 GSM 3G

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It is a 3G gsm control with 1 channel (or relay) output. Inputs: 1 alarm by contact closure, 1 temperature probe (probe only included in ST version) and an auxiliary input for 1 external battery (optional not included). Works at 230V ~ or battery.

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It is a 3G gsm control with 1 channel (or relay) output. Inputs: 1 alarm by contact closure, 1 temperature probe (probe only included in ST version) and an auxiliary input for 1 external battery (optional not included). It can be powered at 230V ~ or 12Vdc, Telkan itself, with its internal charger, will charge the external battery if it is connected. Magnetic base antenna and 3m cable included. Rail mounting. Precise SIM (not included).

Application: allows to activate and deactivate a device from any place in the world by means of a sms message, for example: a wall-mounted boiler, electric radiators, Greenhouse windows, irrigation, even air conditioning or simulate presence lighting lights, etc.

It is also equipped with a temperature probe that allows you to remotely inform the temperature and manage 1 alarm per temperature. It is not a thermostat. These alarms can be linked to the relay operation, for example to activate the boiler enabling the anti-freeze protection.

Technical Characteristics

  • If you connect an external auxiliary battery (ref. 7.190) to the TELKAN, you will have an alarm for failure in the electrical network, which will warn you when you leave and when the power returns to your installation.
  • SIM card holder and standard antenna with magnetic base included. Does not include SIM card
  • In case of failure of the electrical network, the control sends a warning sms, if it has auxiliary power.
  • Power supply: 230V ~ + 10% -15% 50 / 60Hz or by auxiliary input to 12Vdc, or by means of a battery, the same Telkan, manages both its load, and to operate with the accumulated energy if the power supply fails
  • Remote control of 1 device by SMS
  • Luminous messages of each entry or exit
  • Front pushbutton that allows to manually change the status of the channel (relay) without consuming an SMS
  • It is a team with bidirectional communication
  • Reports:
    • Temperature
    • State of the electric power supply
    • Average performance of the last 4 hours of those temperatures
    • level of coverage
    • help message
  • Configurable programming in several languages: Spanish / English
  • Output channel with 1 SPST relay 5A 250V ~
  • Input for 1 PTC2000 temperature probe
  • Contact closure alarm, for example a pressure switch in a solar installation, a door contact, or an alarm thermostat in a greenhouse or a cold room
  • Possibility of timed connection from 1 minute to 45 days, for the relay. Ex .: an irrigation
  • Possibility of confirming or not the executed order (balance saving)
  • Alive function, timed test to know that everything is working correctly
  • Redirect the SMS from the telephone company to the last user
  • Programming password
  • Can be fixed to wall with Box accessory
  • Ease of use, help message
  • New functions such as:
    • Promo off function, will eliminate advertising SMS
    • Lime function, temperature probe calibration
    • Up to 4 phone numbers can be programmed to receive alarms
    • Meet function, manages the operation of the relay, depending on the alarms
    • The card will no longer be blocked by a full mailbox, Telkan will empty the mailbox upon receiving an SMS with an order
    • Supports coded messages of the latest Smartphone models



ref. 4.914 Box 4 Modules IP 65
ref. 4.343 PTC2000 silicone cable 3m, range -40°C a +140°C, hold 200°C
ref. 7.190 Batería Externa 12V de plomo sellada 7,2Ah
ref. 7.279 Sonext 101 PTC2000 External Temperature Sensor IP65; Range: -50°C…90°C
ref. 5.266 Sonamb 201 PTC2000 Ambient Probe without setpoint IP30; Range: -50°C…+90°C
ref. 3.970 Placa TA Embellisher compatible with recessed boxes Ø60mm


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