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Telkan 1 GSM


GSM switch control 2G, 1 channel, multi-languages, 1 relay, 1 alarm by closing contacts, 1 temperature probe (not included). It can be operate by battery.

Commercial Sheet

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TELKAN 1 GSM makes it possible to activate any device from any place worldwide: a wall boiler, electric radiators, greenhouses,…even air conditioning.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a temperature probe that makes it possible to manage a temperature alarm and that reports the temperature at the installation. This alarm can be linked to the relay manoeuvre, e.g. so that it activates the boiler enabling anti-frost protection. It also has a contact closure alarm

Furthermore, if an external auxiliary battery is connected to TELKAN, a power network failure alarm will be set up that will report when the power outage begins and ends.

Technical Characteristics

  • Measurements: 70 x 90 x 58mm
  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • Equipment remote control by SMS, temperature control and contact closure alarm SMS
  • Bidirectional via SMS, reports feed status, functioning, coverage, channel status, temperature and statistics of the average temperature over the last 4 hours.
  • Can be programmed in several languages
  • 1 Output channel SPST 5A 250V~ relay
  • 1 Input for PTC2000 temperature probe, 1 output for contact closure alarm, and 1 input for an external battery.
  • Frontal button to change channel status without having to send an SMS
  • If there is a power network outage, an SMS alert is sent by the control function.
  • SIM stand and standard antenna with magnetic base included (Does not include SIM card)
  • Possibility of a timed connection from 1 minute to up to 45 days
  • With the possibility of confirming whether the order was executed or not (balance savings)
  • Alive function, autotest funct
  • Redirects SMS from the telephone company to the same user
  • Programming password


ref. 4.914 Box 4 Modules IP 65
ref. 4.343 PTC2000 silicone cable 3m, range -40 a +140°C, hold 200°C
ref. 7.190 Batería Externa 12V sealed lead 7,2Ah


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