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SMS 400 Sigfox

Reference sample project made for a client, not for sale to the public.

Moisture and liquid level sensor through Sigfox IoT communication. You decide when to water, monitor the humidity of the soil or pots even if they are saturated with water. It does not use sim. Communication included. Works with cloud service.

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Farming with Apps by Sonder

The time has come for efficient and intelligent farming at low cost

The SMS 400 series soil moisture sensor is low power, very affordable, durable and provides excellent response to sprinkler control systems. They set a voltage from 0 to 3 V related to the water content of the soil. They can also be used as a water level sensor.

Applications: sprinkler control, high water saturated soil moisture monitoring, soil or potting soil moisture monitoring, and water level measurement.

With the SMS 400 (Soil Moisture Sensor) you can decide when to water, program the zones for automatic watering.



serie optional
Have a low power consumption sensor Yes
Locating by antenna triangulation Yes
GPS: For precise positioning Yes
Know the humidity of the soil and its history. It is a capacitive type sensor. Yes
Knowing the surface temperature and its history
Sigfox module temperature reading 5ºC error Yes
Pure temperature and/or humidity sensor reading Yes
Information helps you decide when to water, program automatic watering zones Yes
Manual button to know when you reach that point physically Yes
Thanks to the combination with SonderCloud, you can generate the alarms for reaching a humidity, either for maximum or minimum, the same can be done for temperature. Yes
Low cost Yes
It is an efficient sensor with low consumption Yes
High durability Yes
High precision Yes
Small dimensions Yes
Insensitive to salt Yes
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C Yes
Insensitive to water volume Yes
Accelerometer / Inclinometer for probe position, motion detection Yes
1 Digital Input or Analogue to: Yes
Contact closure alarm input: on/off Yes
Input of a PTC2000 or PT1000 temperature sensor Yes
1 Digital Output Yes
Powered by a CR2450 battery Yes
Communications with SIGFOX technology Yes
Internal voltage regulator Yes
Can be fitted with the STS400 temperature probe Yes




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