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Digital radio thermostat for battery powered heating

Commercial Sheet

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Digital radio thermostat for battery-powered heating Stop/comfort/economy, heating/cooling selector. Compatible with RF Zone 6 receiver (cod. 26.224)

Technical Characteristics

  • Digital radio thermostat for heating
  • Ideal for use on grid or motorized 3-wire valve (recommended by major manufacturers)
  • Switching on and running
  • 2-button keyboard for easy and intuitive programming
  • Stop / Start / Anti-frost function (5 to 18°C). In Stop, the anti-frost function remains active, it is as simple as pressing the 2 keys simultaneously + -.
  • Heating contact status display
  • Internal temperature sensor with regulation scale 5 to 35°C
  • Temperature in both °C (Celsius) and °F (Farenheit)
  • Heating differential at 0.5°K
  • Surface mount radio receiver, 230Vac 50Hz power supply
  • Radio thermostat (transmitter) adaptable to universal box. Optional WEEE code 4.965 for tabletop location
  • Keeps programming in memory, even without batteries
  • Battery Change Warning
  • Unidirectional communication by means of frequency in 868MHz band, with 130m range in open field
  • Dimensions transmitter 100 x 80 x 20 mm


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