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Siesta-CRXE RF


Daily and weekly radio chrono-thermostat for Heating / Cooling, with keypad lock and programming protection, battery-powered transmitter.

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Daily and weekly radio controlled thermostat for heating, equipped with the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor, a breakthrough in technology and 32-bit architecture, allowing block programming

Combines advanced technology, with an innovative memory accelerator, that generates high performance and low energy consumption

Advanced management of the processes of activation / deactivation of the boiler that provide a considerable greater savings and efficiency, up to 30% savings compared to other thermostats on the market

PASS security function that locks the keyboard, prevents tampering and access by unauthorized personnel

Technical Characteristics

  • Unidirectional radio frequency communication in the 868 MHz band, with a range of 30 meters in a residential environment
  • Easy to select programming via the block system (e.g. at what time, for what desired temperature, applicable on what day)
  • Automatic adjustment of time shift in both summer and winter
  • 5-button keyboard, for easy and intuitive programming
  • Turn on and run. Factory program, with the possibility of changing parameters (temperatures and time)
  • 6 separate schedule changes for each day
  • 5+2 days program operation (standard); 7 days with the same programming
  • Manual operation, temporarily cancelling the programming
  • Heating
  • Start/Stop key but keeps the anti-frost function activated
  • Function: protection of the circulator pump against blockage
  • Display of the status of the heating / anti-frost contact
  • Internal temperature sensor with regulation scale from 5°C to 35°C
  • 0.5°K differential
  • Temperature in °C (Celsius) or °F (Farenheit)
  • Probe Calibration
  • Thermostat adaptable to universal box
  • Battery Change Warning
  • Keeps programming in memory, even without batteries
  • Dimensions transmitter 100 x 80 x 20 mm, battery powered
  • Surface mount radio receiver, 230Vac 50Hz power supply
  • Radio thermostat (transmitter) adaptable to universal box. Optional Peana code 4.965 for tabletop location


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