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Reference sample project made for a client, not for sale to the public.

Water leak detection cable probe, perimeter detection, NB-GPRS communication, length on request maximum 100 meters. One drop is enough.

Commercial Sheet

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It is a custom-made probe requested by the customer.

It is ideal for protecting perimeter spaces such as computer rooms, under technical floors in offices, etc.

In case of domestic use or simpler use, the combination Telkan + SFA 03 can be made, then the communication is made by sms.

Application: in case of presence on any part of the perimeter controlled by the probe, if it gets wet, it triggers an alarm by means of a message to a balloon type smartphone, and/or an email message. So it is recorded to property, technical service, maintenance, etc.

Communications are included with the first purchase. They are offered by Vodafone.


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