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SFA 01

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Water leak detector sensor with LED signal and relay output (2A 30Vdc). Designed for alarm, control and monitoring applications. 7 to 24Vdc or 24Vac power supply.

Commercial Sheet

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This water-based liquid sensor is designed to be able to monitor water pipe leaks or unwanted water ingress into rooms. It protects buildings, facilities and equipment. It is very convenient to use it to ensure control and show the proper functioning of the system. The device includes the following electronic components:, green led for power supply, red led for alarm, relay contacts to launch the alarm and be able to act, the sensor itself.

Technical Characteristics

  • EC conformity
  • Power supply at 7-24Vdc (+10%) or 24Vac (+10%)
  • Consumption 0,6W
  • Conductivity switching threshold: < 1 second
  • Cable entry via PG9, maximum diameter 8 mm
  • Maximum terminal block 1.5mm²
  • Ambient temperature 0 to 60ºC
  • Transport and storage temperature -20°C to 60°C, with a maximum humidity of 85%RH non-condensing
  • Relay output: switched maximum load 2A 30Vdc
  • Contacts: material stainless steel 1.4305
  • Wrap-around: Polyamide, color grey
  • Protection: IP65 according to EN60529
  • Measuring principle conductivity with 3 electrodes
  • Height-adjustable feet for floor leveling


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