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Seek Thermal Reveal XR FF Black (Fast Frame, RT-EBAX)

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Extended range thermal camera (XR) with fast image scanning (FF), range 274m, 32,000 thermal pixels, detects from -40°C to 330°C, fixed field of view Autonomy 10h. Camera and flashlight, with micro SD. Stand alone


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The police are helped in their search for a fugitive in the dark. A hunter is allowed to search for tracks before sunrise in the forest. For a fireman, it allows him to explore a burning building. Perfect for boaters, outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners will find peace of mind in the middle of the night, energy managers, electrical and mechanical engineers. The contractor will be able to find liquid leaks in dark places.

Seek Reveal XR FF gives you the power to see heat from 900 feet away. 206×156 thermal sensor array, 20º field of view, range of detected temperatures from -40ºC to 330ºC. Equipped with flashlight. Works both day and night.

Thanks to the fast image sweep (Fast Frame) the image is much sharper than the standard Reveal.

It is waterproof and shock resistant. Equipped with a flashlight. Easy to use and share the photos stored in the micro SD memory.


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