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Raíl 311 12/24Vac-dc

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Rail-mounted thermostat, 12 to 24 Vac/dc supply,  temperature input multiprobe and 1 relay 12A. Includes 1.5m PTC2000 probe.


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Rail-mounted thermostat, 12 to 24Vac/dc supply, 1 relay 12A and 1 multiprobe input. Includes 1.5m PTC2000 probe. Scale -40°C to +140°C

Technical Characteristics

  • Thermostat, general purpose
  • Format: 4 module rail
  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • Relay 12(5)A 250V~
  • 1 PTC2000 1.5m calibratable probe included. Range -40 to +140°C
  • Input for probe that can read type PTC2000 / Pt1000 / NTC10K
  • If Pt1000 probe is selected the range becomes -40°C to +400°C
  • PASSWORD for data protection


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