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Logo IR

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Presence control by GSM and microphone with infrared motion sensor

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Presence control by GSM and microphone. Until end of stock

The IR Logo is an infrared sensor with SMS alert and integrated microphone with which you can, to ensure the safety of your property, control the status of the 230V power supply via SMS and listen remotely to what is happening.

The Logo IR Security System will inform you immediately with SMS message and phone call to your mobile when “unauthorized subjects” enter your premises.

Activated the security system will protect your property 24 hours a day, sending SMS messages and phone calls to your mobile, to the intrusion.

It has a voice channel that allows the user to listen to what is happening in secured assets with the mobile phone.

The system automatically switches to the internal battery in case the main power supply is disconnected. You will always know what is happening in your garage, country house or home. In case of power failure, the Logo IR system will notify you with an SMS message. This function is especially useful when using wood-fired boilers.

In the menu you have:

  • test
  • password
  • multiple user
  • exit delay
  • SMS connection/disconnection
  • adjusting the sensitivity of the detector
  • system status
  • areas and food
  • configuration of names for security zones
  • blocking access to non-programmed numbers
  • sending SMS to multiple numbers


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