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EC 60-311

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Panel thermostat from -40°C to +140°C with 1 multiprobe temperature input and 1 relay 16A at 230V~. 1.5m PTC2000 probe included.

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Panel-mounted thermostat with 1 temperature probe from -40° to +140°C and 1 relay 16A at 230V~. PTC 2000 1.5m probe included, but it admits Pt1000 and NTC10K probes. Box for surface IP 65, optional (Code: 7.637)

Panel mounting for machine mounting

Technical Characteristics

  • Measures: equipment 70 x 28 x 67,5mm
  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • 1 changeover relay 16(7)A 250V~
  • 1 PTC2000 1.5m calibratable probe included. Range -40 to +140°C
  • Input for probe that can read type PTC2000 / Pt1000 / NTC10K
  • If Pt1000 probe is selected the range becomes -40°C to +400°C
  • PASSWORD for data protection


4.343 – Ptc2000 3 meters silicone cable, range -40 a +140°C, suports up to +200°C
4.339 – Ptc2000 1,5 meters silicone cable, range -40 a +140°C, suports up to +200°C
7.279 – Sonext 101 Ptc2000, external temperature probe IP65
5.266 – Sonamb 201 Ptc2000, room probe, does not include the accessory Placa TA
7.637 – Box 4 Módulos, IP 65 BOX surface installation + Adapter for mounting in a box
24.046 – Immersion Sleeve 20
24.027 – Immersion Sleeve 50
24.025 – Immersion Sleeve 100
24.026 – Immersion Sleeve 200


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