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EC 230-331

Electronic thermostat with 3 inputs as probes or contact closures and 1 relay 16A. Includes 1 1.5m NTC probe from -50°C to +120°C, reads PTC2000.

Commercial Sheet

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Electronic thermostat with 3 inputs as probes or contact closures and 1 relay 16A. Includes 1 NTC probe of 1,5m from -50º to +120ºC, reads PTC2000. Optional IP65 surface box (cod. 7.637).

Panel mounting for machine mounting, multi-voltage 110 to 230V~, 1 relay, display with icons, up to 2 PTC2000 type probes (in various formats or with double insulation), NTC10K, contact closure input.

Application for specific use for refrigeration, freezing and food preservation in the Horeca sector (hotels, restaurants and catering). They also have general industrial, agricultural, livestock and commercial uses.

Technical Characteristics

  • Red display 20 x 43mm (0.79×1.69inch)
  • Measures Body without front 28 x 70x 62mm (1.10×2.76×2.44inch), Front 36 x 78 x 7.5mm (1.42×3.07×0.30inch)
  • Drill 29 x 71mm (1.14×2.80inch)
  • IP65 front
  • 2 inputs for temperature probes compatible types PTC2000 or NTC10K it is recommended to use original Sonder certified components, in order to maintain the accuracy, reliability and safety in the reading and the device itself
  • Contact closure input, to detect limit switches, pressure switches, doors, etc.
  • Reading range, depending on probe, from -50ºC to 600ºC (-58ºF to 1.112ºF), with decimals between -20 to 80ºC ( -4ºF to 176ºF)
  • Operated by 4 keys
  • Depending on the model, or 1 output relay 16Amp 230Vac, voltage free
  • Internal protection fuse, not manipulable, only repairable in the factory by the Technical Service
  • The probe connection allows the use of up to 2 temperature probes + 1 digital input per contact closure or 1 temperature probe + 2 digital inputs per contact closure
  • For the 3-year guarantee to take effect, it is essential to use only the probes approved for our equipment and supplied by Sonder, they ensure correct reading, without deviations or faults in the electronics.


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