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Dust sensor

It is an intelligent system that digitizes the level of dirt in a filter.

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It is an intelligent system that digitizes the level of dirt in a filter.

The same device senses the temperature of the air that passes through the filter, it is immune to external light both solar and artificial. It is a sensor with modbus communication, the same cable feeds the circuit as well as transmits to the Filterstat (local controller and interface with the user) the different states. The sensor has RGB leds on the back to indicate the state of the filter and the rest of the system by means of coloured lights.

Technical Characteristics

  • Compatible modbus sensor
  • 4 RGB leds
  • Single-position connector, no possibility of error
  • Reduced dimensions, generates low airflow loss
  • Reusable in old filter to new filter
  • Sensation temperature
  • In order to display the temperature and dirt values, you must buy the module with display and oled buttons called Filterstat
  • It needs to be fed from the Filterstat module
  • Can communicate with platforms superior to Filterstat


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