Caudalímetro DN20 L190 130°C 3/4" - Sonder Regulación S.A.
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Caudalímetro DN20 L190 130°C 3/4″

Volumetric meter for heating and air conditioning systems with hot water up to max. 130°C


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Volumetric meter for heating and air conditioning systems with hot water up to max. 130°C, single jet, dry dial, magnetic transmission and with reed switch pulse emitter.

Simple mechanics, unit for rapid measurement of flow rates in solar energy systems, as part of a calorie meter installed on the flow or return side of the heat exchanger and whose function is to measure the volume of water that has passed in order to calculate the heat contribution.

Technical Characteristics

  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • For hot water up to 130°C
  • Nominal diameter 20 mm
  • Operating pressure: up to 16 bar according to DIN 2401
  • Resolution: 1 pulse = 10 litres
  • Construction, connections and dimensions according to DIN ISO 4064
  • Contact load (without series resistance) max.24 VAC/DC (protective low voltage), 0.2 A
  • As a component for volume measurement, the pulse generator is fixed at 100 Ω 1/4 W and a protection resistance of 0.2 A
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Display range: 0.05 l … 100,000 m³


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