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Allegro 786L Modulating

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Solar thermal control with surface mounting 6 relays, 8 probes, 1 0-10V output and 3 litre counters (including 3 PT1000 1.5 metre probes)

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The Allegro 786 Modulating is a regulator for the collection of solar thermal energy that provides you with the necessary resources to manage your installation. 8 PT1000 probes with a high supported temperature range, 6 SPST relays and 1 0-10V PID output for the room thermostat and independent thermostat functions, with mixing valve.

It also has three independent inputs for litre counters (by impulses) for the Energy Counter function, this allows you to control three parts of the installation separately and to know the energy contribution made by the solar collectors to the installation.

It is also equipped with the LEGIONELA function, which allows it to manage high-temperature cycles for antibacterial sanitary treatments.

Technical Characteristics

  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • 6 SPST 5A 250V~ relays. Potential-free contacts + 1 PID
  • Configurable up to 8 PT1000 probes ranging from -50°C to +200°C
  • Clear blue backlit LCD display
  • Versatility in installation: cable entry from the bottom or back, fastening by means of cable grip or PG, ample space for connection and wall fastening
  • Functions:
    • Support function
    • Anti-freeze, frost protection in the installation
    • Increased return
    • Double pump
    • Tubular collectors
    • Priority management
    • Or (1, 2)
    • And
    • Aerotherm (1, 2)
    • Independent thermostat (1, 2)
    • Room thermostat (1, 2)
    • Accumulator cooling
    • Legionella, high temperature cycle for bacterial protection
    • Energy meter
  • The room thermostat function supplemented by Moderato SR allows you to change the setpoint from e.g. your living room, without going down to the boiler room
  • Test for probes, relays and meter for the installer’s start-up
  • Programming access password
  • Possibility of configuring a differential thermostat for secondary solar heating and ventilation systems
  • Allows up to two differential thermostats to be configured in cooling
  • Free allocation of resources (choice of relay and probe that uses each function), as a result minimizes the stock to the distributor
  • It has a statistics menu, which will provide you with the data collected by your installation on maximum, minimum and average temperatures of each zone, hours of operation of the devices, flows and energies provided
  • 3 independent inputs for pulse litre meters for the Energy Meter functions


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