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Allegro 543G

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Solar thermal control with rail mounting with 3 relays, 4 sensors and litre counter (including 2 PT1000 1.5m sensors)

Commercial Sheet

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The Allegro G is a rail-mounted solar thermal control system with 4 PTC2000 probe inputs, one pulse input and 3 high-power relay outputs.
When programming the Allegro G you will find 9 predefined systems for different types of hydraulic installations that will help you to configure your installation easily and quickly.

Technical Characteristics

  • RAIL dimensions: 105 x 90 x 57 mm
  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • RAIL: 3 relays 12(5)A 250V~, 4 PTC2000 probes and plug-in strips included
  • Highly luminous 3D animations on an OLED screen (1.6″ RAIL / 2.7″ surface), which shows you actively and in real time the operation of the components, pumps in operation, the loading of the system, …etc.
  • Functions: Support, anti-freeze, return increase, double pump, tubular collectors, accumulator cooling and energy meter (optional litre counter)
  • Programming access password
  • Supports up to 3 accumulators (swimming pools, underfloor heating, …etc.)
  • Distinguishes between single collectors and those oriented East / West


7.118 – Box 6 Modules, IP65 box for surface mounting and protection
4.343 – Sensor PTC2000, 3 meters of silicone cable, range -40 to +140°C, supported 200°C
7.470 – Cable meter to extend probes
7.377  – Heat-shrinkable 1 linear metre, diameter 4.8 mm, for sealing extension joints
4.210 – Double relay of 15A or 1 of 30A
5.614 – 10 g syringe, with conductive paste cap to improve sensing on sheaths and surfaces.
24.046 – Sheath 20
24.027 – Sheath 50
24.025 – Sheath 100
24.026 – Sheath 200


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