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Allegro 400S PWM

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Surface mount solar thermal control with PWM action, 0-10V, 2-10V, for high efficiency ErP pumps. Probes included

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Compact surface control with thermometer and differential thermostat all in one very reliable Therefore it is ideal for high efficiency pumps (ErP) in solar (PWM1), geothermal (PWM2), support heating systems, in DHW or free cooling systems. Moreover, the equipment can generate the following output signals: PWM, 0-10V, 2-10V or their inverse.

Techcnical Characteristics

  • Outputs 0-10V, 2-10V, PWM
  • Possibility to reverse the output signal (geothermal)
  • The type of analog output is configured via jumpers
  • PID algorithm to ensure maximum energy efficiency
  • PWM signal: voltage 10.5V frequency 625Hz +15%.
  • Dimensions: 65x90x40mm
  • Power supply: 230V~+10%-15%50/60Hz
  • 2 PTC2000 probes of 1.5m calibratable included. Range -40 to +140°C, supports 200°C
  • Password to avoid manipulation by unauthorized personnel.
  • Highly luminous digital red display, ideal for technical rooms with low light levels.
  • Storage tank temperature alarm for stand-alone systems or for systems with zone valve control
  • Temperature alarm on plates for installations with drainback systems.
  • Selection of displayed temperature: collector or tank. Press “OK” to temporarily display the other temperature. Both probes can be calibrated separately.
  • Forced run functions (activates/deactivates the analogue output for tests.
  • Stop, antifreeze programmable from -20°C to +10°C 

With the alarm in AAC mode (Tank temperature alarm – probe T2 ), it activates the analog output connected to the pump to circulate the heating liquid and relay 2 connected to the air heater to cool the liquid and they are deactivated when the tank temperature is less than tAL – 1°C (fixed differential) or when the temperature difference between the two probes is less than dFr.
Using APL mode (Plate temperature alarm – T1 probe specific mode for installations with drainage systems) it deactivates the analogue output connected to a pump for liquid circulation and activates relay 2 connected to the plate drainage system and is deactivated when the plate temperature is less than tAL -1°C (fixed differential).
While in ArO mode (Accumulator Temperature Alarm – probe T2 specific mode for installations with zone valve control) it deactivates the analogue output connected to the valve when the Accumulator Temperature (T2) is higher than the set.

Parameter Table

  • CAd – Tank sensor calibration adjustment (0 -9.0°C to +9.0°C)
  • CAc – Collector probe calibration setting (0 -9.0°C to +9.0°C)
  • Ant – Anti-frost option (fixed differential 2°C) (-20°C to 10°C)
  • ALr – Alarm mode (AAC AAC / APL / ArO)
  • tAL – Temperature Alarm (fixed differential at 1°C) (15 to 110°C)
  • Pnt – Displayed temperature selection (tPL tPL or tAC)
  • tPP – Parameter programming access time (3 to 40sec.)
  • PAS – Password 0 (disabled) (0 to 99)
  • dFr – Control differential (1°C to 15°C)
  • inr – Analog output inverter (on/off)


4.343 – PTC2000 probe, silicone cable 3 metrps, range -40 to +140°C, supports 200°C
7,470 – Cable meter to extend probes
7,377 – Heat shrinkable 1 linear metre, diameter 4.8 mm, for sealing extension joints
5.614 – 10 g syringe, with conductive paste cap to improve sensing in sheaths and surfaces.
24.046 – Sheath 20
24.027 – Sheath 50
24.025 – Sheath 100
24.026 – Sheath 200


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