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Allegro 400S

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Solar thermal control for surface mounting with 1 relay (10A) and 2 probes of 1.5m PTC2000 included

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Surface mount solar thermal control with 1 x 10A relay and 2 x 1.5 meter PTC2000 probes included

Technical Characteristics

  • Power supply: 230V~ +10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 65x90x40mm
  • 1 relay 10(5)A 250V~
  • 2 PTC2000 probes of 1.5m calibratable included. Range -40 to +140°C, supports 200°C
  • Programming access password to prevent manipulation by unauthorized personnel
  • Highly luminous digital red display, ideal for technical rooms with low light levels
  • Storage tank temperature alarm for stand-alone systems or systems with zone valve control
  • Plate temperature alarm for installations with drainback systems
  • Selection of displayed temperature: collector or tank. Press “OK” to temporarily display the other temperature. Possibility of calibrating both probes separately
  • Forced run functions (activates/deactivates the analog output for testing) Stop, antifreeze programmable from -20°C to +10°C
  • Separately adjustable on/off differentials


4.343 – Sensor  PTC2000, 3 meters silicone cable, range -40 to +140°C, supported 200°C
7.470 – 1 meter of cable to extend probes
7.377 – Heat-shrinkable 1 linear metre, diameter 4.8 mm, for sealing extension joints
5.614 – 10 g syringe, with conductive paste cap to improve sensing on sheaths and surfaces.
24.046 – Sheath 20
24.027 – Sheath 50
24.025 – Sheath 100
24.026 – Sheath 200


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